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Welcome to Xbox Lives Largest Gaming Community!
New PC Backgrounds
  August 29th , 2004
Check out KSI's available PC Backgrounds here.
  August 27th , 2004
The KSI and PMS merger is now complete, KSI and PMS are now united, PMS will be managing all the women of KSI!
New SOF2 Squad
  August 27th , 2004
Congratulations go out to KSI THE YIN for recruiting SL1K and her friends for a KSI Squad for Soldier of Fortune 2. Way to go YIN you rock man!
KSI named Clan of the week!
  August 27th , 2004
Teamcompete named us Clan of the week for Counter-Strike today! With 15 wins in one week and no losses! Most thanks go out to KSI Tap U Out, good work man!
KSI Has a Guild in Star-wars
  August 27th , 2004
We now have a Guild in Star-Wars Galaxies, more info coming soon!
Halo 2 release on August 24th, truth or fiction?
  August 23rd , 2004
What is up with Ilovebees.com and bungies website has been crashing today, and Ilovebees counter is about to run out, what is going to happen when that timer runs out? We're all waiting for the answer to that question. 777
KSI Dominates Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow!

August 22nd , 2004
KSI squads 777 and =7= won there first tournaments at an amazing rate! The 777 squad, which is based on the game mode total conquest, won there first tournament with 28 kills and little deaths. The =7= squad, which is based on the retrieval game mode, also won there first tournament, with a total of 78 kills and also very little deaths.

2 Black Arrow squads now 1

August 22nd , 2004
The KSI Team Survival squads for Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow have now merged into one.
They are now the EU (Elite Unit) squad.

Congratulations go out to KSI TAPUOUT EUG
  August 22nd, 2004
Congratulations go out to KSI TAPUOUT EUG as he leads his Counter-Strike team to the
team compete playoffs.



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